HealthyIM K.K.
HealthyIM K.K.
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Industry: Healthcare

Founded: 2011

Our Services

1) Dedicated healthcare and wellness support for expats in Asia

  • - Medical tourism platform covering five countries in Asia
  • - A health and wellness membership site and concierge service for English speakers in Japan

2) Industry-savvy hospital branding and medical travel consulting

  • Precision branding and promotion that helps clients reach the right target markets
  • Culturally sensitive support to ensure that clients know how to deal with and satisfy international patients

3) Medical travel projects for the public and private sectors

  • Industry forums, market research and promotion

Our Team

HealthyIM K.K. is a dedicated and talented group of people with multilingual, multicultural backgrounds and extensive experience in management, medical travel, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consulting, editorial services, web design, digital media, software engineering, event planning and marketing. Our shared goal is to make meaningful contributions to the international community. We also enjoy what we do, and that means delivering lasting value to both our industry clients and the people we introduce to them.